Cuddy Group

Multi Disciplined Contractor



Our reputation is what sets us apart from the competition. It hasn’t been easy building up such a loyal customer base, but our hard work and dedication has won us numerous plaudits and awards.

While we never set out on a project with the intention of winning awards, it’s still gratifying to be recognised as we have. Such recognition enhances our reputation, but nothing can match the word-of-mouth that our expert engineers, managers and operatives have garnered over the years. It’s this strength – which comes from exceeding clients’ expectations and working with them as partners – which has placed us as one of the country’s leading contractors.

Continuous investment in plant, transport and equipment allows Cuddy Group to be entirely self-sufficient, in order to react and respond without delay or reliance on other parties. This means we retain control of our own processes, quality management and health and safety standards, so our clients can choose us with complete peace of mind. On those occasions when we do partner with other professionals, we first ensure that they live up to our own high standards across the board.