Cuddy Group

Multi Disciplined Contractor


Who We Are

Cuddy Group has been successfully preparing sites for redevelopment for nearly 40 years, in the UK and abroad.

Our goals are defined by the way we work: our clients are not just customers, they’re partners, and we work together to find the best solution to their challenges.

That means we look for ways to save them money, to improve turnaround time, to get regulatory sign-off and to ensure that health and safety standards are met or surpassed and to help our customer understand questions such as What is Land Remediation? What is Land Pollution, What is Environmental Risk Assessment and many other perplexing questions.


Our track record is one of consistent project success, consistently within budget and programme – but they’re not the only things about us that keep our clients returning time and again…

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With nearly 40 years’ experience, Cuddy has seen the industry change many times, and has always kept itself at the forefront of that change. For us, our history is all about what we’re creating today…

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Our clients need to build in a way that’s sustainable and economical, and that’s why we’re so often their perfect partner. We are sincere in our commitments not only to our staff and our community, but to the future of the built and natural environments…

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Our reputation is what sets us apart from the competition. It hasn’t been easy building up such a loyal customer base, but our hard work and dedication has won us numerous plaudits and awards…

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We’re a UK-based company with a strong foundation in the UK market, but our work has drawn attention from overseas and we continue to enjoy some very successful partnerships from further afield…

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