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Land Remediation

Preparing land for development or land remediation is what the Cuddy Group specialises in. Our extensive experience and range of remediation techniques combined with our expertise means we can undertake turnkey remediation contracts in the most cost-effective way possible.

For Cuddy Group, a remediation or land remediation project isn’t just about cleaning the contaminated land and water through a variety of hi-tech procedures or the extraction of contaminated material for cleanup or landfill. Our goal is to get a site into a healthy condition for development in a way that offers clients the best value for money whilst at the same time satisfying local regulators through developed relationships and continuous engagement.

Through the undertaking of several high profile design and build remediation schemes over the past decade, we have developed one of the countries leading Contaminated Site Management teams that can offer the following services:

  • Initial assessment of impacted land to aid developers at bid stage and with regulatory engagement.
  • Designing and undertaking site investigations
  • Creating site models and developing remedial targets
  • Designing and installation of various remediation systems

Our unique position of being able to offer industry leading demolition, asbestos and civil engineering services means we have an ability to design remediation solutions with a greater knowledge of where the contamination came from and how the site is affected by future development.

The Cuddy Group are able to offer services including:
Remediation, Preparing land for development, Contaminated Land Remediation, Contaminated Site Management, Contaminated soil treatmentl, Turnkey Remediation, Bioremediation, Remediation Solutions, Brownfield remediation and In-situ remediation. The Cuddy Group are a  registered waste carrier and hold WAMITAB.