Cuddy Group

Multi Disciplined Contractor


How We Do It

Four rules govern Cuddy Group’s methodology, and it’s these four rules that keep our clients coming back to us, time and again:

We don’t subcontract – everyone working on our sites has been recruited, trained and is monitored by us, with continuing professional development vital to our staff’s – and our business’ – success.

When we start a project with you, we assign to you a dedicated project manager to ensure you – and we – are kept in the picture throughout your project.

Through continuous training and strategic recruitment we can assure you receive the very best experience and technical expertise the industry has to offer.

We want you to come back to us, and to achieve this we deliver everything we say we will, on every project, for every client.

Health & Safety

For Cuddy Group, health and safety management is not only an operational priority, it’s a part of the business philosophy which has made us a success…

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Cuddy Group is one of the UK’s leading contractors, and as such our need for quality management is paramount. We are proud to say we have been recognised for our achievements in this area…

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We are fortunate that many of our projects exist with the goal of cleaning up the natural and built environment for current and future generations…

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We understand that our clients require more than our good word on our abilities and expertise. Our track record is backed up by accreditation which proves our status as industry leaders…

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We’re don’t set out to win awards – satisfying our clients is reward enough – but we’re honoured to have been recognised nonetheless…

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Cuddy Group uses its own personnel and equipment, but we still form meaningful working partnerships all the time – with our clients…

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